Breast Cancer Walk Tutus

Breast Cancer Walk Costume

If you're considering participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, or the Komen 3 Day for the Cure, take the plunge and sign upt!  Both events will give you an opportunity to test your endurance, spend time with some truly amazing and inspiring people, and raise money for a very worthy cause.

You can do the walk on your own or join a group in your area and walk together.  Chances are there are a number of teams or groups planning to walk in your area and most teams have ongoing training to prepare for the event.  Why not use this opportunity to meet some new people and make some new friends?

One of the really fun things about the walks are the costumes people wear.  It's a chance to show your style and costumes help draw more attention to the cause.  If you're considering a pink tutu, definitely check out our pink adult tutus, they're perfect as breast cancer walk costumes.  Another fun idea is to purchase our DIY Kit and plan a fun get together for your team that includes everyone making a tutu for the walk.  Our DIY tutu kits are fun and easy to make and your whole team will enjoy gorgeous tutus for the festivities!  Pink tutus, of course!

So don't let your chance to participate in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk or Komen 3 Day go by this year.  Sign up, find a team, order an adult tutu (have to suggest that!), and head out for one of the best days ever.



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